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Welcome to Long Island, a beautiful living space for us AND many pests.

Centipedes, ground beetles, spiders, flies, and hundreds of other insects have been living on Long Island long before we have, and they will be here when we’re gone. 

Though most of these insects live outside they can find our homes quite inviting. 

With food and water sources abundant our homes are the perfect living space for bugs. 

They don’t mind living with us, but we sure do mind living with them, and before you know it a minor problem can turn into a huge infestation.

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It’s not all about spraying pesticides – it’s about locating food sources and removing harboring areas such as stacks of wood, old cement blocks and bricks, and cardboard boxes outside your home.

As the seasons change all sorts of insects may find their way into our home for food, water, and shelter. 

We at Brennan are trained and licensed to properly remove these pests as well as educate you the homeowner on pest prevention.

Unlike most of the large chain pest control companies, we treat our customers like family. 

Your home is our home and we treat it like we treat as if it were our own. 

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