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Rodent Removal

We’ve all been to Disney land and seen Micky Mouse but no one wants to find him on their kitchen counter at home.

Mice and Rats are abundant on long island and when outside populations get too big they can venture into our homes for food, water and shelter. These rodents may find there way in throughout the entire year, not just the fall and winter.

Once these critters have found there way in you may find their droppings, food missing or hear scratching in the walls or ceilings. They don’t need much space to get in, about the size of a dime for mice and about the size of a quarter for rats.

Unfortunately there’s usually never just one and by the time you notice them it means they have been there for some time.

Call us and put a stop to them today.

Mice and Rats can chew through electrical wires in our homes causing damage and disaster.

Rats are not just city dwellers! Since hurricane Sandy we have experienced a huge increase in population of these furry little fiends. Having bird feeders in the back yard may bring more then just blue jays and robins!