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These little pests can show up in the spring, summer, fall, and even winter. They love our homes, especially our kitchens and bathrooms because of food and water, but they also may just be looking for shelter.

We at Brennan have even found ant colonies in vacant homes with no food or running water. Spraying the home with a can of pesticide is only a band-aid and can leave your home covered in dangerous chemicals.

These sprays do not get to the root of the problem because they only kill the ants you see, they never reach the nest. These nests can be in your walls, under your home, or even in your neighbors property.

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Carpenter ants are quite common on Long Island and can chew through the wood of our homes much like termites. They build homes inside of the wood leaving sawdust piles behind. If you see these piles you could have carpenter ants.


All species of ants have winged reproducers which most homeowners mistake for swarmer termites.

Here’s how you can identify the difference between a flying ant and a swarmer termite:

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