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Yellow Jackets and Bees

Yellow jackets, hornets, and bees frequent our properties and like to build homes rent free. They can be aggressive territorial and very dangerous.

Yellow jacket nests are the most common found in homes on Long Island. What ever you do, do not spray the entrance and seal it up. We have gone on countless calls where homeowners have “tried to handle it on their own” and made the problem much worse.

Though you may find the entrance to a nest around a window frame or roof line, the actual nest can be deep in the walls of your home. We locate the entrances to the nests during the day and come back at night to treat the nest while all the wasps are sleeping.

Commonly found in trees or bushes, Bald Faced Hornets like to build their nests outside of our homes.

Though similar looking to a Yellow Jacket the Bald Faced Hornet is larger and black and white, not black and yellow.

Carpenter Bees love to hang around and live in our eves and rooftops but also tend to snoop around ground level looking for food on plants and bushes. They are attracted to anything with a sweet smell and are quite inquisitive, drawing them to us and our summer barbecues and patio hang outs. They drill perfect holes in wood building small homes and can do quite a lot of damage if left untreated.